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Will a cellular booster really strengthen my signal?
The Answer is YES!
However it is very important that you realize precisely what a cellular booster has been designed to do. It will amplify very weak signals that would normally be quite erratic – but a cellular booster is not a device that can manufacture a signal out of thin air. You must have some type of cellular signal present to start with. Even if a signal is very weak the right cellular booster can make it consistent and clear.
Do you need to boost your cell signal in your office?

We can boost the cell signal in your office!

Cell signal is weak or non-existent in many office buildings today.
We can boost the signal in your building regardless of the size or location. 

  • Our systems cover All 4G LTE carriers available in your immediately surrounding area
  • We do offer systems that support 3G where 4G LTE is not available
  • We can cover any size building, from a Home, to 20,000 Sq. Ft. office
  • We can also design a custom system to cover from 20,000 sq. ft. to 1 Million sq. ft.
  • All systems usually require an Outdoor Antenna to be attached to the building

Systems may be shared with multiple tenants in a building: we can boost the signal for the entire building and place individual antenna within each office of the building.

How Cell Signal Booster Works

Mobile phones are really two-way radios. Your cell phone, at least the communications function, is essentially a two-way radio operating behind a modern user interface. Your mobile phone communicates with the cell tower by means of radio frequency (RF) signals.

A cellular signal booster works like this:

– detecting and collecting very faint cell signals (much fainter than your phone can detect)

– helping those faint signal bypass various obstructions

– amplifying the faint signals to a useable level

– broadcasting the amplified signals to an interior space – like your home, office or vehicle – so they can be picked up by your phone or other cellular device

When you use your phone, the process works in reverse to send amplified signals back to the cell tower to complete the communication loop.

Here are the 10 Top Signal Booster Benefits:
  1. Stronger cell signal – up to 32x
  2. Fewer dropped calls and lost connections
  3. Faster data uploads and downloads
  4. Fewer no-signal ‘dead zones’
  5. Improved audio quality for voice calls
  6. Longer battery life on a single charge
  7. Texts and voice mails hit your inbox sooner
  8. Larger indoor signal coverage area
  9. Extended signal range from the cell tower
  10. Peace of mind – you know you’re connected

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We utilize Booster Technology from several different manufactures including Uniden, Wilson Electronics, and WeBoost.  The particular system we end up using for your location is decided after a physical site survey is completed to determine the feasibility and probability of success in placing a Booster / Repeater at your location. The installation is complex and time consuming. First a determination of the location and signal strength of the closet tower must be completed. There is a cost for this survey and the cost depends upon the general location, size and type of building. In addition, if you do not own the building, you will need written permission from the Building Owner to install the Antenna which may be fully visible from the front of the building depending upon the direction of  where the closest cell tower is located.  This is all about a properly installed system, and about the particular system that is used.

What’s Inside?

Will a cellular booster really strengthen my signal?

What are the most important features all cellular boosters must have?

How do you determine the coverage area of a cellular booster?

How do I make sure my cellular booster is installed for optimum usage?

Can a cellular booster reduce cellular phone radiation?

All the terms get confusing what does it all mean?

What cellular booster should I choose?

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