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4G LTE  Internet To Go
Primary as well as Failover Connectivity for your VoIP Phones, Computers, Medical Applications, and Point of Sale systems

Tired of issues with your phone service due to latency on your cable internet?  Using a 4G LTE Wireless Connection for your phones is far superior in quality to any Cable Internet and will solve your issues.

Now, even the smallest business can easily afford to have reliable high speed redundant failover internet access. 4G LTE can support your PCs  and up to 10 Simultaneous Calls at depending upon bandwidth availability. In larger companies, we install separate Managed WWAN Redundancy for your Phones and Internet.    Our 4G LTE Service includes One Static IP address.

Can your business afford to lose a full day’s worth of revenue?
You can stop that loss for about $1.00 a day!  

Cable Internet Service is often plagued with high Latency which is not apparent on your computer but dramatically affects phone quality. While your computers seem to work fine, your phones do not.  Moving your phones to 4G LTE will resolve those issues. 

Many companies have on-going Latency Issues with their Internet Circuit which constantly affects their phones.  This has become a national issue.  We have proven, that using 4G LTE is both cost effective and will fix your call quality issues.

We have also proven, that in many cases, a business can reduce the cost of their primary internet access to cover the cost of a new 4G Circuit.  Thus a Win-Win for your Computers, your Phones and  your Budget.

Save Your Company Thousands!  MORE INFO CALL 877-705-6777

Examples of 4G LTE Managed Routers we may use in your business.  On-site installation by our trained technicians.
Fully automatic failover is possible in many instances. Monthly plans very.
Installation by our trained technicians and network engineers at your location.  We will work with your IT Consultant, or if  you do not have an IT Consultant we will manage the entire installation.  A fully automatic failover is available depending upon your network configuration.  Manual failover is also available.  We can locate our 4G LTE  Router where it will recieve the best signal, or an External Antenna may be required.  This service can be combined with our Cell Signal Booster Technology as well.  
We have tested and have proven that a 4G LTE Circuit may be used for a Primary Circuit for your VoIP Phones.  In locations where available Internet Access is poor, and thus, VoIP service suffers:  We have proven, that using a 4G LTE Circuit will dramatically improve your overall VoIP Quality and could save you money.  The quality of service over 4G LTE is actually better than via Cable or DSL. 
Keep your business…IN BUSINESS with our Managed Continuity Service for about $1.00 per day!
No wired connection can deliver 100% uptime.
The question isn’t whether your business will lose Internet connectivity, the question is how to protect your organization from loss and disruption when it happens.

With our Managed 4G LTE WWAN failover solutions your organization can protect from these losses and mitigate risk to your business. Failover to redundant Internet Access followed by Fallback to your primary Internet Access can be a fully automatic process with our Managed Solution.  

Now, even the smallest business can easily afford to have reliable high speed redundant failover internet access for as low as $29.95 per month, less than $1.00 a day!.   We can support up to 20 Simultaneous Calls,  and or 10 PC’s at once depending upon the nature of your business and available bandwidth.  Failover and fall back can be fully automatic. 


Please, do not wait until you have an emergency. Please set up this service to protect your business before you have an emergency.  For more information, 24 Hours a day, please call 1-800-486-4554.

When a  Retail Business  loses no connectivity, credit cards cannot be processed, inventory cannot be updated, in many instances, no connectivity means you are literally out of business.

The lost revenues of an outage is staggering!

Keep your business…IN BUSINESS with our Managed Continuity Service for as low as $1.00 per day!

Call 7 4G LTE Data Plans for Primary and Redundant Service

  • Many companies use 4G LTE service for: Redundancy, or Primary service for Remote Locations, Construction Trailers, Emergency Response Trailers, or Internet-To-Go in Motor Homes and Trucks.
  • The devices we use have optional larger and extended antenna’s which can significantly boost available signals, providing more Bars of service than would be obtainable with a cell phone. We have seen 1 Bar increased to 5 Bars just by switching antennas.
  • Our 4G LTE service plans have no commitment and no contracts. Service is billed on a month-to- month basis and is auto-billed via Credit / Debit card or Auto Bank payment. Like any Cellular Service, 30-day notice of cancellation is required to cease billing.
  • Our plans provide a minimum of prepaid service with overage allowing for a variety of plans based upon your needs.
  • IP Phone service can be affected by Latency on Cable Internet Access which is not apparent to your computers. Moving your phone service to a 4G LTE Circuit will fix those issues.


4G LTE Router 

4G LTE Service with Static IP, requires the use of a dedicated LTE Router.  We offer several different devices to fit the specific needs of our clients.  The devices we use are ones that we know and can support.

We can offer new clients our Accelerated 4G LTE Router, fully configured for only $589.00 which comes complete with the paddle antenna’s.  This device does comes with an AC Adapter, and is ready for PoE.

We strongly suggest using a Battery Backup / UPS for all of your core network routers and switches.

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