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Stay Connected to your Office, Clients, Patients, Customers, 7 days a week 24 Hours a day and yet separate your personal life from your professional business:

That is Call 7 Connect®.

Empower Your Business

Communicate With Vision

Introducing Offering Business Telephone Service with special pricing and features that no other carrier provides. 

Call 7 Connect is today easy to use, offering two service options for businesses of all sizes.  The ideal easy to use solution for all entrepreneurs who needs to sound bigger and stay connected their customers is Call 7 Connect. With Call 7 Connect your calls come to your Cell phone from an Auto-Attendant.  You may have many extensions for calls to ring to.  For example:  “Press 1 to reach our sales dept” rings to your phone.  “Press 2 to reach billing, may go to another cell phone, or a land line number”.   

Answer Confirmation feature: Call 7 Connect’s  Answer Confirmation feature will identify a business call from a personal call. Now you can decide how and if, to answer the call.  Unanswered Business Calls to go your extension’s Company Voicemail, which you may retrieve via your phone and or have that voicemail sent to your email so you may listen to it, and, you will then have a record of it. We can even copy the company voicemails of your associates to a Master Voicemail box so you have a record of all voicemails left. 

Call 7 Connect® is designed for Physicians, Lawyers, Business Executives and  larger companies with remote / outside associates who need to be connected to their office can now fully integrate their cell phones, smart phones, and tablets with their business phone system in the cloud. Call 7 Connect® is a more sophisticated service offering more features and options. Call 7 Connect® places an app on your device ( Andriod, IOS, MAC, PC) which creates a “SECOND LINE” on your Smart Phone or device.  Calls ring into the app and not your Smart Phone.  The app works on WiFI or your data plan and does not use cell minutes. 

A better idea without all the bugs!

Many entrepreneurs primarily use their cell phones as their office phones.  Thus leaving your customers and prospects with your personal cell number, which is never a good idea.

Some people are then forced to carry Two phones; Their personal cell phone and another cell phone for their business.                           Wouldn’t it be easier just to have TWO LINES on your cell phone?  Now with Call 7 Connect, you can have your office number and your personal number on your Smart Phone

We offer you the option of two services:  Having a Second Line, or , using your present number with Answer Confirmation.                   Answer Confirmation differentiates your personal calls from your business calls. Business calls you don’t answer go to your Business Voicemail which are copied to your email.  Your personal voicemail goes to your cell phone’s voicemail. 

What if you can take personal calls on your cell phone and business calls, via you cell phone, which ring in on a different line that rings different and looks different and has a different Mailbox:  In other words, you could separate your personal calls from your business calls.

And you could tract your business calls, how many, from where, when?
You can see your missed calls and call them back with ease.

We take our service to a higher level.

You can have an Auto Attendant with multiple voicemail boxes, but instead of the call ringing to your personal cell phone number you have the option for the calls ring into your “Office Phone”.  Call 7 allows Entrepreneurs to integrate both their cell phone with a Second Line and Desk Phones if they wish.

Your assistant can then Extension dial to your Second Line to reach you, you can live transfer calls from your Second Line back to your office or even a virtual receptionist.  See the information on this product by clicking here. 

This is necessity for Physicians and other professionals as well who do not wish to give out their personal cell number.  This second line may be fully integrated into your company’s phone system.

This service does not use Cell Service:  No cell phone service is required.  It works on any carrier’s Data or WiFi.   Therefore you can place a line on your any locked or unlocked cell phone, on any Tablet, PC, MAC and even an IPOD.


PACK LITE – Remote workers carry a complete office experience in the palm of their hand. Personal cell numbers remain private, as calls made within the application appear to come from a work phone.

Today’s workforce is changing. 

Outside associates use their cell phones to conduct company business, leaving the client or prospect with the cell number of that associate, not your company number.

Employees are used to the extreme functionality of their smartphones and will begin to use them for work purposes – limiting your visibility into day-to-day work activities.

SAVE MONEY – With Call 7 cloud-based solution, you will save money and call minutes by making calls via VoIP services. In addition, you won’t need to purchase the desk phone hardware that your mobile workforce already isn’t using

Call 7 Connect®  allows you take your office with you wherever you go.


  • 4-digit extension and 10-digit dialing
  • Audio and visual voicemail
  • Call controls: Mute, speaker, hold, add call
  • Call recording, transfer, Call history: Missed; Placed’; and received calls are on your phone.
  • Support Android versions 4.1 and above
  • Support iOS versions 5 and above
  • Uses your phone’s contact list
  • Direct Extension Dial to your associates in your office- An Intercom Call!
  • When on your Device, you may Transfer to another extension in your office
  • Your Call History from your company’s cell phones are now part of the Call Records of your phone system.
  • No Cell Phone Service is required our application will run on WiFi or a Data only plan.

Why Enable Your Company’s Devices?

Increase employee mobility and flexibility while enhancing communications between offices, business partners and customers

Offer employees and customers a more collaborative and efficient way to communicate

Allow IT managers to easily access, provision and manage softphones from one convenient interface

By switching or augmenting your current communication system to include VoIP, realize immediate benefits like increased efficiency, greater communication flexibility and cost savings. Whether you are looking for an out of the box product or a fully customized solution, Call 7 has the expertise and know-how to get your business on the right track.


  • Always on, always connected, always accessible
  • Full office communications suite on your phone
  • Messaging, media, and, voice from anywhere
  • Compatible with virtually any device
  • Calls from your office will now include the Caller ID of the Caller, and not the Caller ID of your office! This we believe is the biggest benefit of this technology.
  • Now, you will know the difference between a call made directly to your cell phone and a call made to your office phone that comes into your cell phone.
  • Create Conference calls on the fly
  • Manage your office phones via our Integrated Cell Phone App.

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