Premised-Based IPBX-350

Premised Based PBX for Hybrid Hosted 2.0

CallBox IPBX-350  Small Business PBX

Help your business or organization grow and save money. An IP PBX ( IPBX)  is an IP Based  Privateivate Branch Exchange (telephone switching system within an enterprise) that switches calls between VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) users proving users to share a Advanced features such as Parking and Retrieval via a Lit Button, Presence ( ability to see who is actively on their phone),  Direct Intercom and Paging, with On-Demand Active Call Reporting.  The importance of this technology is to keep the hundreds of simultaneous IP Registrations required for these features within your office and not out to the Cloud: Thus reducing Overhead while Increasing Reliability and Call Quality.  When combined with a Cloud Component Hybrid Hosted 2.0 has proven to surpass the performance and reliability of any other stand alone Cloud Based or stand alone Premise Based systems.

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Starting at $1,895.00

Add $350.00 for Call Recording module.

Advanced features of the CallBox-IPBX-350: Such as: On-Demand Call Detail Records, Shared Company Directory, mobility function to incorporate cell phones.  Optional features such as Call Recording, a Desktop Client, and private internal instant messaging.

These are a few of the features on CallBox-IPBX-350

  1. Parking on a Button allows you to place a call on Hold, on a button thus allowing anyone in the office to easily pick up that call on any phone. More importantly, you can Park a call for someone, instant message them while they are on the phone, let them know they have a parked call, and that person can retrieve the call at their convenience.
  2. On Demand Call Detail Reporting via an easy to use Web Portal
  3. Call Queues without paying for agent licenses as you would with the Broadsoft Switch.
  4. Voicemail to Email, and Desktop Fax
  5. Spy functions (Normal Spy, Whisper Spy, Barge Spy)
  6. Friendly Windows based Portal if you wish to manage your telephone system yourself
  7. Proven ability to support remote phones and integrate remote offices.
  8. A Companywide Directory is standard
  9. Detailed Call Reporting is standard and available on the phone numbers and or extensions.
  10. OPTIONAL External paging interface is available: For use with a paging Horn, or to Ceiling Speakers (an amplifier is required).
  11.  OPTIONAL Audio Input is available: For use with an audio imput device for external music on hold.  However the device has internal storage for any .wav file including a Music File or a Message-On-Hold file. 
  12. OPTIONAL Call Recording Module: An Optional Call Recording Module as well as is an optional External USB-SSD to store recordings is available for this device may be added at any time. Call Recording on this device is limited to 5 Simultaneous Calls.
  13. Upgrade to Extension Capacity:  Standard with up to 20 extensions. Can be Expanded to 100 extensions
  14. Upgrade to Simultaneous Call Capacity:  Standard with 15 Simultaneous call, can be Expanded up to 40 Simultaneous calls. 
  15. This system is avaialbe in different customized configurations.  A different case may be used depending upon your requirements. 

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CallBox Customization:

We offer several different configurations of an IPBX to fit the needs of any business from 5 people to 2,500 people.   Each system is customized to fit your needs using customized versions of Asterisk, and the powerful Windows 10 version of 3CX.

CallBox Warranty:

All systems include a Three Year limited manufacture warranty against failure. See the warranty page for more and detailed information on our warranty and maintenance options.

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