Callbox IPW-722 WiFi VoWLAN Intelligent Phone

WiFI Adapter available: No need to use Ethernet Cabling

Callbox Systems IPW-722 Intelligent WiFi enabled IP Phone:  Offers high-definition ‘HD’ voice for crystal-clear calls, Commonly used call functions such as putting a caller on hold, transferring, picking-up or conferencing calls are intuitive to use and set-up. Other calling and user features are easily programmed into either the line keys next to the display – in total, there are up to 10 – programmable keys within easy reach on the right side of the phone body. Supports up to 10 SIP Accounts.  

WiFI Adapter is available for only $25.00.  Bluetooth available ($25.00).   Note: You must remove the WiFi Adapter in order to use the Bluetooth Adapter on this model phone.  The larger models, the IPW-732 and IPW-762 support both WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time.

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Callbox System new Intelligent WiFi VoWLAN Enabled Desk Phones – Cut the Cord!

No need to plug these phones into an Ethernet Port. They can use WiFi most anywhere WiFi is available.  You can eliminate the need to run cabling for your new IP Phones. The IPW762 has built in WiFi and Bluetooth, no additional adapters are required for the IPW762. The IPW762 has two available USB Ports so one could be used as a charging port for a Bluetooth Headset. The IPW732 and IPW722 have available WiFi and Bluetooth Adapters. The IPW722 will only accept one adapter at a time, while the IPW732 will accept two adapters.  With BlueTooth you can now Interface this phone to your cell phone to make calls from your desk phone via your cell phone and receive call on your desk phone from your cell phone. Turns your desk phone into a Bluetooth headset to your Cell Phone. One phone on your desk!

WIFi VoWLAN Enabled Robust Telephony Features with Intelligent Cloud Management.

HD 3.5” Color LCD screen with 10 Programmable Buttons via Scrolling Screen
HD 3.5” Color LCD screen with 6 Programmable Buttons where then you can Scroll through 1 more Screens for a total of 10 Buttons allowing you to see the status of everyone in the office and to intercom or transfer a call to them with the touch of a button. Up to 6 line appearances plus your extension on this phone! Works just like a Key System, or a PBX: Your Choice! This State-of-the-Art phone for 2016 includes our exclusive Cloud Based Management which allows the service provider to support this phone remotely, even if it loses its configuration. This is a major breakthrough in IP Phone Technology.   Optional WiFi and Bluetooth adapters are only $25.00.  AC Adapter is included saving you an additional $25.00.
Ultra High Clarity Voice
Ultra High Clarity Voice using Wide Band Auto with Acoustic Clarity Technology creating a face to face live experience
This State-of-the-Art phone for 2016
This State-of-the-Art phone for 2016 includes our exclusive Cloud Based Management which allows the service provider to support this phone remotely, even if it loses its configuration. This is a major breakthrough in IP Phone Technology.  WiFi and Bluetooth are built into this phone, which also includes the Optional AC Adapter, saving you an additional $25.00.
WIFI Adapter included - No Need for Ethernet Cabling
The Optional WIFI Adapter allows you to connect this phone via a WiFi connection: No need to use an Ethernet Connection! Place the phone anywhere you can get WIFI. Built in Dual Ethernet Ports for use with Ethernet. This phone only supports One Service at time:  WiFi OR Bluetooth.  The Larger phones, the IPW732 and  IPW764 supports both WiFi  AND Bluetooth at the same time.
OPTIONAL Bluetooth only $25.00

1. Allows you to connect to any standard Bluetooth Headset.
2. Also allows you to integrate your CELL PHONE! You can Make and Receive your cell phone calls on this phone. You only need to use one phone at your desk: All your calls are now in and out on one device. It will have a separate button for cell phone calls in and out.


Optional WIFI and or Bluetooth Adapters only $25.00ea

1. Allows you use WiFi to connect the phone. No Ethernet Cable Required. Find and use WiFi just as you would with your cell phone or tablet.
2. Also allows you use the phone where it is convenient and to eliminate the expense of cabling! Move the phone from office to office or to your home and place it where it convenient for you without the concern of being close to your router. Includes AC Adapter which saves you $25.00


  • Support WiFi Or Bluetooth – only one of these services at a time on this phone.
  • Multi-Line / Multiple Calls
  • Shared Call / Bridged Line Appearance
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF) – Regular, Pick-up and Speed Dial
  • On-Hook Dialing
  • Caller ID – Name & Number, Photo
  • Call Waiting, Call Queued
  • Multiple Distinctive Ringtones Based on Who is Calling
  • Auto Answer Intercom Call, Page Call
  • Page Groups (2)
  • Call Hold
  • Music on Hold
  • Personal Phone Book – Each Entry with Multiple Numbers, Photo, Grouping
  • Call Swap
  • Call Park and Call Un-park
  • Call Pick-Up – Selective and Group
  • Message Waiting Indication – Visual and Tone Based
  • Call Logs (200) – Dialing from Call Logs
  • Hot Line and Warm Line Calling
  • Five-Way Conference Calling with Local Mixing
  • Call Forward – Unconditional
  • Call Forward on Busy
  • Call Forward on No Answer
  • Administrator Password Protected Factory Reset
  • Speed Dialing by code of 99 OBi Endpoints, Buddies or Numbers (E.164 or URI)
  • Call Transfer — Blind or Attended
  • Anonymous Call
  • Block Anonymous Call
  • Do Not Disturb – Do Not Ring
  • Call Return – Call Back on Busy
  • Repeat Dialing
  • Immediate Divert
  • Multiple Ringtones – Upload Custom Ringtones
  • Screen Saver – Upload Screen Saver with Slideshow Image(s)
  • Secure Encrypted Voice Communication Support
  • Independent Mic and Speaker Volume Adjustment: Speaker, Handset, RJ9 Headset, 3.5mm Headset, Bluetooth Headset
Callbox IPW-722 Color Screen WiFi  VoWLAN Advanced Phone Features
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Bluetooth Headset with Charging Dock Available!

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