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CallBox Shield Warranty - Call 7 Storefront

Call 7 offers Shield3Y_hdPremium Warranty  to provide your phones with Complete protection of a full  3 Three Year Advanced Replacement Warranty.  Place our protective SHIELD on your new phone. Here are the details of the SHIELD:

What are the differences between the standard warranty and the Shield3Y_hd-300x68smallPremium warranty?:
1. The standard warranty is for one year and is not advanced replacement. You send in the device, then technicians determine the status of the device and make a determination of repair or replace. Turn around time is 15 business days.
2. The Premium Shield3Y_hd-300x68small warranty provides for Advance Replacement along with a return shipping label to send your device back at our expense. A replacement device is then sent out to you the same day you file the claim.

  • No hassle replacement warranty
  • No fine print or complex forms
  • Should your phone cease to operate, fail to work properly, development malfunctions as a result from component failure, manufacturer defect, or develops issues from general everyday use such as:
    • Screens develop blank spots or simply go bad
    • Buttons no longer work
    • Handset develops noise
    • Speaker develops noise
    • Microphone appears to malfunction
    • Ethernet Port goes bad
    • Power port and or AC Power supply goes bad
  • Conditions required to file are claim are only:
    • Your phone must have been purchased via Call 7
    • The claim must be filed within Three Years from date of initial purchase
    • The Shield3Y_hd-300x68smallwarranty must be purchased at the same time and order when the phone was purchased.
    • You will receive a Pre-Paid return shipping label to return the phone. Once we receive your phone we will determine the status and send out an expedited replacement.
    • Replacement will be the same or of a comparable model and features if your exact make and model is no longer available.

Call 7 provides State-of-the-Art Intelligent IP Phones bundled with or without IP Phone Service directly to our Channel Partners and to consumers.  Our phones have gone through extensive testing and design modifications to be able to support both Hybrid Hosted 2.0 and Broadsoft Key System Emulation.  Few SIP/IP Phones today support these technologies.  The rising cost of infrastructure buildout (Network Cabling and associated equipment with installation fees) has brought about the perfection of WiFi Enabled Desk phones.  The CALL 7 ” PHONE-SYSTEM-IN-A-BOX”   is a powerful replacement for running new cabling. Organizations are now able to reliably deploy office phones without the need for expensive cabling.  

Cut-The-Cord and Save Money!

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