Phone Service Options

Increase employee mobility and flexibility while enhancing communications between offices, business partners and customers.

Offer employees and customers a more collaborative and efficient way to communicate.

Allow IT managers to easily access, provision and manage softphones from one convenient interface.

By switching or augmenting your current communication system to include VoIP, realize immediate benefits like increased efficiency, greater communication flexibility and cost savings.

Keep your business

With our Managed Continuity Service For ABOUT $1.00 PER DAY!

No wired connection can deliver 100% uptime.

The question isn’t whether your business will lose Internet connectivity, the question is how to protect your organization from loss and disruption when it happens.

Now, even the smallest business can easily afford to have reliable high speed redundant failover internet access for as low as $29.95 per month, less than $1.00 a day!. 

Business Continuity – 4G LTE Internet To Go

Tired of issues with your phone service due to latency on your cable internet? Using a 4G LTE Wireless Connection for your phones is far superior in quality to any Cable Internet and will solve your issues.

Do you need to boost your cell signal in your office?

Cell signal is weak or non-existent in many office buildings today.
We can boost the signal in your building regardless of the size or location.

We can boost the cell signal in your office!

Systems may be shared with multiple tenants in a building: we can boost the signal for the entire building and place individual antenna within each office of the building.

Call 7 CHAT is a

free open source LAN based messenger

No server or a connection to the Internet is required.

This is a secure Chat client which runs on your PC within your office.

Anyone within an office, who wishes to chat simply loads the client on their PC.

Call 7 CHAT is ideal for a Receptionist to notify a person in the office, that someone is on hold for them.  Example is a Call is parked on Bob’s phone.  Ashely sends a Chat to Bob informing that Mr. Grey is on Park for him.  

Call 7 CHAT is ideal for quick communication within the office.

You should use SIP Trunking instead of traditional telephone lines.

Save Substantial money every month!

Installation is as fast as Two Days.

Sip Trunks

[icon name=icon-phone]  Get Sip Trunking for your system on one of the Nation’s largest networks for a low as $24.95 per month. Ask Callbox Systems for information on a Voip Gateway for your existing PBX.
We have partnered with Call 7 Networks
Providing you the best in class service to go with your new phones
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