Introducing…Phone System in a Box

Using the new global VoWLAN Technology!

VoWLAN: No Cabling Required

Voice Over Wireless Lan (VoWLAN)  is the latest global technology engineered to replace or eliminate Ethernet Cabling. Using WiFi desk phone and various WiFi Hand Held phones, combined with pre-configured Secure WiFi Access Points (WAP),  you can have a complete secure phone system up and running in as fast as one hour.

What is a Phone System-In-A-Box?   

Callbox Systems has combined our premium phones with Advanced Secure WiFi technology to deploy phones without the need of expensive cabling in your office. Known as Voice over Wireless Lan (VoWLAN) this technology is used world wide.

Who should use a Phone System-In-A-Box?

  • Schools, and Campuses
  • Churches and larger buildings
  • A new business
  • Any business who plans on moving and does not wish to invest in Cablng
  • Any business, organization, of any size including a Campus where the cabling is outdated
  • Home offices – where it is otherwise not convenient to place a desk near your router
  • Temporary buildings such as a construction trailer or an emergency disaster office
  • Any office who does not wish to invest in cabling cost which is usually around $100 per cable run per phone.


Equipment Notes:

Let CallBox Systems build your ideal phone system today.

We will package a mix of phones per your specifications which could include a mix of Desk Phones and Cordless Phones combined with an Enterprise Class WiFi Access Point  (WAP).   The phones and access point will come pre-configured: Plug n’ Play.  Simply plug the WAP into your Router and into power, then place the phones and plug them into power.  No need to run cables.  The WAP can utilize PoE with the optional PoE Adapter eliminating the need to plug it into an AC Outlet. This allows you to place the WAP anywhere you have an Ethernet Cable from your Router. We can walk you through this easy task. You can even place the WAP on or above a Ceiling Tile.

The Wifi Access Point (WAP) for the phones  is  then dedicated for use only with the phones and may not be used for any other purpose.  This provides a Secure Network for your phones. Some installations may require more than one WAP.  We can combine several WAP devices to build and create one large continuous Wireless Network, regardless of the size of the building or campus.


Service Notes:

Now you have the option of three different types of Phone Service to use with your new phones.

  • A Premise Based System from Callbox Systems like the IPBX-150: Where you have the option of using use your existing phone service. All of the Callbox phones will work with any Callbox IPBX System, including all the Cordless and WiFi phones.
  • Hosted Voice – Save money with Cloud Based Phone Service via Call 7 Networks
  • Hybrid Hosted Voice 2.0; Today’s most advanced telephony technology: Combining a Premise Based PBX with Cloud or Land Line Redundancy offered exclusively by Call 7 Networks

Smart Phone / Tablet / PC, Integration is available with all systems via Call 7 Networks. Your Android, IOS, or PC, device  can become an Extension in for your office.  Receive and make calls via our APP on your device, not on your cell phone. No cell phone service is required to use this service.  WiFi or a data plan is all that is required. 

Please Call, Email or Chat for more information on a new easy to install phone system for your business.

Callbox IPW762 Color Screen WIFI & Bluetooth Standard 


Callbox IPW732 Color Screen WIFI & Bluetooth (optional)


Callbox IPW722 Color Screen WIFI & Bluetooth (optional)


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