Secure in-office “LAN” based messenger

No server or a connection to the Internet is required.

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Instant messaging
Connect and chat with users on your network.
Secure messaging for privacy
All messages are protected by AES encryption with RSA as the key exchange mechanism.
Broadcast messages
Send notifications to all users or specified users.
File transfer
Exchange files with others easily.
Organize contacts
Arrange your contacts into groups for easier management.
Message logging
Past conversations are logged and can be retreived at any time.
Serverless architecture
A server does not need to be set up on the network for LAN Messenger to work.
No internet connection required
As the name suggests, LAN Messenger works inside the local network and does not require internet access. This helps to minimize external threats.
Multilanguage user interface
You can select the language for the user interface.
Cross-platform support
All the features of this application are supported on Windows, Mac and Linux. The interface is fully integrated with the native environment of each platform.


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