SNOM PA1 VoIP Public Address System


  • A SIP Public announcement system for office floors, reception areas warehouse, and waiting rooms
  • The PA1 can be used in both small and large applications due to the inclusion of a 4-watt amplifier for single speaker projects.
  • A microphone input is provided for two-way communication.
  • Speakers and wiring are required for the PA1. Pricing includes the required Cabling Harness
  • This device requires professional installation.
  • The device is a SIP ( Voip) Device and requires a registration to a Cloud server
  • The device becomes and is issued an Extension and may be accessed from any phone in your system.
  • If you dial the extension from your Desk Phone, you access the Public Address System
  • If you are a company with multiple offices, you could access this device in another office or building by dialing it’s extension.
  • An additional Amplifier may be required to power more and larger speaker.

Applications for the Snom PA1 include:
• Large PA systems driven by external amplifier(s).
• Small PA systems driven by internal PA1 amplifier (eg. door answering system), and internal relay to open door(s).
• Phone ringer amplifier with ability to drive strobe light as visual indicator.
• Multi-cast relay up to 4 SIP identities to four multi-cast IP addresses.
• This device requires a Hosted Voice Seat – Line – Extension.

Quick summary
• Works from your Snom handset
• 4 Watt power amplifier
• Works with handset, headset or in handsfree mode
• Easy to install
• Broadcasting announcements


See Users Manual
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