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Hosted Cloud Phone System

Hosted Cloud Phone System

A Hosted Voice / Cloud Phone System  is often the best solution for many companies.

Low initial investment; Minimal maintenance costs; Fully Managed Service; Low Monthly Cost, Includes full range of Features including Unified Communication, Voicemail to Email,  Text Enable  your main number, Integrate Cell  phones, Local and Toll Free numbers; A system you will never outgrow or have to replace.

Hosted Cloud Phone System

Phone System in a Box

Instant phone system for:  

  • The Entrepreneur
  • Retail Store
  • Restuarant
  • Temporary Office
  • Warehouse
  • Church
  • Pre-configured Plug n’ Play System


Professional installation not required. No cabling required. Sets up in about an hour.

Types of Phone Systems

Which System is the right system for your business?

Vonage made this technology famous, yet there are many businesses throughout the U.S. that offer VOIP services.

CALLBOX Offers VOIP Business Phone Systems and Solutions…

To deliver dial tone (Phone Service) to an existing or new phone system in your building, thus replacing traditional telephone service… such as “Lines” with “SIP TRUNKS” or “ VoIP Lines”.

VOIP generally, refers to using VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol

In the U.S. as the rest of the World, most phone service today is VoIP: regardless of the specific type.  T-1 phone service is also VoIP as is Metro Ethernet.  Phone Service as such, is an Application, VoIP is the Transport Technology of that application much in the same way as FaceTime or even Cellular Service are applications delivered over the Internet.  Cell Phone Service is VoIP.

Hosted Voice – Hosted PBX – Hosted Systems

This technology refers to using a “Remotely Hosted” phone system where only the “PHONES” are in your office.  

No system is required to be purchased or maintained.  This technology is inherently more “Redundant” than a phone system located in your office.  In addition, this technology is better suited for smaller companies and or those companies who have many small locations and or many remote associates who need to be connected to the “Company Phone System”.

Today there are several very large providers of this technology who offer exceptional reliability, redundancy, features and services simply not available from a Premise Based PBX.


Premise Based PBX Systems
PBX – short for “Private Branch Exchange” were made popular in the 1960’s.

These were traditional phone systems for larger companies that were purchased and located at a company’s main location.

All of these systems today will run on VoIP or SIP Trunks as well as Analog Lines and more often, Analog Lines that are converted SIP Trunks to work with an older existing Analog System.

If your organization has many phones in one location and requires advanced features such as Call Recording, Busy Lamp Field, Internal Instant Messaging, Intercom, paging across all of the phones, and Advanced Call Center Features a Premise Based PBX can be, a more cost effective solution over Hosted Voice / Hosted PBX. PBX Systems offer more features and are designed to handle large volume of calls far better than a Key-System.

Hybrid Hosted PBX
The Cost effectiveness of a Key System, with the Features of a PBX, and the Redundancy and Reliability of Broadsoft Hosted PBX / Hosted Voice.
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